Swedish media reveals concealed information on Lundqvist’s future!

This would be heartbreaking…


This could be devastating news for fans in America… 

Anthony Scultore has cited Swedish reporter Johan Rylander who wonders if veteran goalie Henrik Lundqvist might be getting ready for one more season in the National Hockey League. 

Rylander wants to know if Frolunda is one of only two Swedish league teams still holding closed-door practices. “Is it because (Henrik) Lundqvist is training for return? Or is it simply due to fear of COVID-19 from two journalists 40 meters from the ice?”

So far, Rylander has been able to confirm that Lundqvist is in town and practicing somewhere to stay in shape. 

However, when rumours starting surfaced that the 38-year-old might be skating and working out in its arena, Frolunda quickly issued a statement indicating their closed-door sessions are to protect their players as much as possible from the virus and that the team had no information on Lundqvist other than he is not a member of their roster or their team.

For now?, should we ask… 

International Ice Hockey Federation’s rules clearly state that Lundqvist is allowed to practice with the club.

He spent several seasons with Frolunda before joining the New York Rangers in 2005-06. He might pondering NHL retirement and considering 
finishing his career with his old team. 

Or could he (please, please, please) be staying active to return to NHL for 2020-21?