Swedish Players And Tacos

Building bonds on and off the ice.

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Gustav Forsling is one of six new rookies to be added to the Chicago Blackhawks roster for the 2016-2017 NHL regular season.  His addition to the team was unexpected but the young defenseman was able to turn heads during the training camp and clinched a spot on this seasons defensive unit.

Forsling is a Swedish hockey player who came straight into the league making his transition to North America a quick and shocking experience.

Fortunately for Forsling he had Dennis Rasmussen a fellow country man chaperone him during his transition phase into North American hockey and lifestyle.

At first both players were put up in fancy hotels that offer your typical steak dinners and fancy dishes, but both player were tempted to have something that reminded them of home.  They both promised that once they had access to their own cooking facilities they would make some homemade Swedish style tacos.

It does seem surprising but just like Taco Tuesday is a thing here it's also a big deal in Sweden, except they call it Taco Fredag and it goes down every Friday.  Thus the moment they had a chance to make some of those tacos they did because it reminded them of home and made it easier for them to be a part of this new setting.

It is important to take into considering the huge lifestyle change players coming from other countries must face and how that can impact their performance on ice.

We look forward to watching both of these great players hit the ice this season and build up the momentum to make it to the finals once more.