Tavares talks playoff elimination and watching the Islanders move on to round 2

JT having second thoughts?

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It’s locker room clean out day today at Scotiabank Arena following the Toronto Maple Leafs’ disappointing Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins on Tuesday evening.

Typically, locker room clean out day is a day reserved for final meetings between players, coaches, management and the media. It’s a chance for all members of an organization to put their final words on the season that was. For Leafs newcomer John Tavares, it’s a season that didn’t end the way he had hoped or envisioned.

After all, Tavares left the New York Islanders for Toronto with hopes of making a long playoff run. Now, he’s watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs from his couch while his former team is on to the second round. The puck drops on the Islanders’ second round playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow evening. Still, Tavares doesn’t have any regrets: 

While he says all the right things, you just KNOW that Tavares is screaming on the inside. He’s a fierce competitor and it must be tearing him up to watch his former teammates still in the hunt, while he’s busy planning his offseason.