Team Canada coach Tourigny reacts to Team USA “trash can” saga at WJC

We couldn’t have said it best! #Barrelgate


We have talked more about the team’s picture than the team’s success. The United States defeated Canada 2-0 to capture its fifth gold medal at the World Junior Championship and first since 2017. There is no doubt that goalie Spencer Knight, who turned aside all 34 shots he faced for his third shutout of the event, and the Americans deserved the win, but  [they were accused of sore winners](  on social media when insiders and reporters on site, saw that the star netminder decided to grab a trash can with the Team Canada logo on it, dragging it across the ice and placing it in the photo.

It was explained by a Team USA staff member that the team had a motto - “one barrel at a time”.   This was their last barrel and they’ve been putting team logos on them each game.  That was the barrel for this game and the reason they brought it out.  They say it wasn’t a trash can. Forward Trevor Zegras, who was named tournament most valuable player, had the same explanation when asked about it in his postgame interview. He couldn’t fully explain the concept of the barrel, but used the same motto. 

Head coach Nate Leaman used his Twitter account to confirm that it was a barrel to portray their motto since the start of the tournament and is adamant there was no disrespect to Team Canada.

“Just to be transparent. It was barrel on the ice with our team after the game. It was motivation for our team to take the tournament one game at a time. I am sure every team had something of motivation. The barrel was ours. No disrespect to Canada who is a great team.”

It still isn’t a good enough explanation for Team Canada head coach Andre Tourigny who reacted on several Montreal radio stations to the trash can controversy. This is what he had to say, translated from French, on the air of QUB Radio on Friday: 

"Whatever the reason, the problem is that they did it in front of the public and in front of everyone", denounced Tourigny, who added that the gesture was disrespectful towards the organizers of the tournament which took place in Edmonton, thanks to Hockey Canada. 

“It lacks a little depth in their thoughts, added Tourigny. I don’t think it was done in a vicious way except I’m convinced that come to think of it, if it were to start over, they would do it differently. “

You have to admit he is right. The motto was used in the dressing room only from the start of the tournament as they said themselves, so why bring it out in public eye? Why make a show out of it. 

Some fans say that they’re kids and should have fun, however, most of these guys have been selected by NHL teams where a certain level of maturity is expected. No NHL team would accept this - imagine on a Stanley Cup picture?! 

I agree with Tourigny, who is still heartbroken over the loss. He didn’t need this addition of insult to injury.