Team captain begs star RFA to sign and rejoin the club!

Let's get this done sooner rather than later!

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As you all know there is a long list of talented restricted free agents still unsigned as the 2019-20 season fast approaches and one team captain decided speak publicly about getting one key player back in his roster. 

Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano is hoping to see his teammate Matthew Tkachuk - one of the league’s many unsigned restricted free agents - on the ice when training camp opens on Sept. 12.

While he attempted to remain positive about the talks between his team and Tkachuk, it is easy to tell that Giordano is trying to get his young teammate back in the fold sooner rather than later. 

“Obviously, I’m trying to make light of the situation but as it gets closer to camp, hopefully the business side of it works out,” Giordano told the Calgary Sun’s Kristen Anderson.
“It always ends up working out but you just want it sooner rather than later, if possible. I don’t think I’ve seen an offseason quite like this one where so many RFAs are in the same boat.”

The Flames captain went on to compliment Tkachuk, showing once again how he desperately wants him back in the lineup for the season’s opener. 

“There’s no question to how much he means to our team, everybody knows that,” Giordano said of Tkachuk. “He’s a guy who brings it every night, he battles. From that side of it, we know what he means to our team. He’s a huge part of our team. Listen, there’s time still. Both sides, you know they both want to get it done.”

Calgary has struggled with his financial plan the offseason and is left with just $7.76 million remaining in projected cap space. Along with Tkachuk, the Flames still have to get RFA Andrew Mangiapane under contract as well. 

Clock is ticking and Giordano is feeling it too...