Teams holding end of season meetings with players…

​Sounds like the end.

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On Tuesday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman raised the possibility of not being able to complete the remainder of the 2019-20 regular season during an interview on NBCSN.

Some teams around the league seem to believe this could indeed happen as Pierre LeBrun has revealed on Insider Trading on TSN that some non-playoff teams have decided to move on with player evaluations and individual player interviews.

“Some teams are having their sort of end of season player calls, they’re not all calling it that. The Anaheim Ducks are, the Ducks are having their player exit meetings over the phone. And Anaheim knows that it might be involved in regular season resumption of play, but I guess the feeling with the Ducks is 85% of the season is done and we can evaluate our players on their seasons.”

LeBrun gave a full breakdown of the meetings in his latest column of The Athletic: 

“What some other non-playoff teams are doing:

* San Jose is having player “update’’ calls. It’s not just an evaluation of their season but also in the event there’s a season resumption, it will help the players prepare for that.* Los Angeles has started the review process with coaches but hasn’t begun player interviews yet.
* New Jersey coaches are working on player evaluations for coach/manager meetings which will be held at some point. No player exit meetings have been scheduled at this point.* Buffalo has more player evaluation meetings this week with coaches, then the Sabres will have (virtual) “development meetings’’ with the players, but not exit meetings. The Sabres want to keep everyone ready for all potential options.”

Why not? We bet the players are glad to be talking about hockey and finding out what they can do better to come back stronger than ever - whenever that is.