Teenage goalie Taya Currie projected to be first female ever selected in OHL draft

This girl is incredible! Next stop the NHL!?!?


Don't look now, but a teenage girl from Parkhill, Ontario is set to make history tomorrow during the OHL draft.

Taya Currie, a 16 year old goaltender, is projected to be a top pick in the draft despite the fact that... well that she's a girl.

A female player has never been drafted in OHL history, but by all accounts Currie has the talent, drive and determination to break that record and establish herself as a top prospect regardless of her gender. She's only the second female to ever play in the province's U16 AAA league and, frankly, she dominated that league. She's played in "boys leagues" since she was 10 years old and actually prefers the men's style game to the female style game.

"She has all the skill, talent and is very coachable," says London, Ontario based goalie coach Jim Sidwell. "She holds her own and doesn't look out of place. You would be amazed if you watched her."

And this isn't just hype... the buzz around Currie is real and there's a very good chance that an OHL team makes history by selecting her tomorrow. "It was the athletic ability, great hands and the way she challenges the puck that drew us to her game," says Dylan Seca, GM of the Sarnia Sting and owner of the 9th overall selection.

"I'm tipping my hand more than I would normally for anyone in this draft but there's someone that we've interviewed and the background checks are are fantastic," says Seca. "It would not be surprising to that she's gone before we even wanted to pick her ourselves."

Regardless of whether or not Currie is drafted, she'll have options to continue her career development. She could explore playing in the OHL of course, or she could convert to the women's game by joining her older sister Tristan in the PWHL and work toward her goal of representing Team Canada in the Winter Olympics.

"I can go play with the Bluewater (PWHL) junior team with the girls and get ready for university and possibly the NCAA," explains Currie. "I love competing with the boys because of the competitive side of it," she says. "I'm athletic and I like like the style their game compared to the girls. They have harder shots and I just enjoy it all."

All in all she seems like a very mature and confident young woman and, frankly, she seems like the absolutely perfect individual to make history. Go get 'em, Taya!