Terrible news for the Rangers

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Terrible news for the Rangers

This is definitely NOT what the New York Rangers wanted to happen, especially during game one.

Henrik Lundqvist was high sticked right under his right eye by teammate Marc Staal during the first period. He received some repairs and finished the first period, giving up the game's opening goal. The news got worse, Antti Raanta is currently between the pipes for the Rangers. There isn't much news regarding the injury, but it is obviously not good if it takes one of the best goalies in the world out of a playoff game.

You can see on the replay during the game that he was cut just under his right eye. Sight for a goaltender is the most important part of their game, so if it is affecting his, he must of decided it was best for him to leave the game.

Hopefully this isn't anything serious. We will keep you posted as more news becomes available.