The 99 best sports movies of all-time according to IMDB

Fire up Netflix and put on some popcorn.

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The folks over at Tampa Bay Lightning blog Raw Charge have been busy spending their time during the NHL’s pause by compiling a list of the 99 best sports movies of all-time according to data aggregated by IMDB.

Check it out:

Like anything that’s popular, the internet provides some data we can use to try to understand it better. For movies, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provides public data sets  that include average ratings from their community of users. Depending on your perspective, you might have varying opinions of those ratings. If you’re a serious movie critic, you probably think the ratings are mostly junk because they represent the opinions of anyone with an internet connection and not just film buffs. But I would argue the opposite. I’m more interested in which movies the average movie watcher likes and for that purpose, a sampling of opinions from millions of movie fans is a powerful measure.

Without further ago, the list:

Um… excuse me!? Slap Shot #37? Technically this would make Happy Gilmore the greatest hockey movie of all-time. Cmon… how do you rank Cool Runnings ahead of Slap Shot?