The AHL is cancelling its season

Is the NHL next?

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With each passing day, it seems less and less likely that any resumption of the NHL season will take place. We now have word that the league's top minor affiliate, the American Hockey League, is getting rid of its suspension of play and going into a full-on cancellation of the 2019-20 season. 

Brian Lawton, an analyst with the NHL Network, says he's been told the AHL is cancelling the remainder of the season and is now in the process of notifying teams and staff. The only other league affiliated with the NHL, the ECHL, has already announced it will not be back until 2020-21. 

The cancellation of a season can be heartbreaking for players, especially those on teams who were expected to go deep in the upcoming playoffs. It's a given that this kind of decision isn't made lightly, as it also means the heavy monetary losses for the teams involved.