The Flyers were in fact hiding something yesterday, an injury to a core player.

Reason behind the Flyers suspicious behavior revealed.

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The Flyers were, as we suspected, hiding something yesterday and honestly now that we know what it is the situation might have gotten even more bizarre. For those of you who missed our report yesterday you can view it here, it will provide more context for this report.

It appears that after Steve Mason has taken a second maintenance day, something head coach Dave Hakstol repeatedly and vehemently denied was actually caused by an injury, he's back on the ice at practice, but here's where it gets really weird. Now the Flyers are saying Mason is dealing with a lower-body injury, despite the fact that he was on the ice today.

The fact that Mason is skating would seem to indicate that he's not too badly hurt, although that's a complete guess at this point as none of this really makes any sense.