The NHL has made their final decision on the Patrick Kane rape case.


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The NHL has made their final decision in regards to the allegations of rape brought against Chicago Blackhawks' forward this past summer.

The NHL announced that it has closed its independent investigation in regards to sexual assault allegations, concluding that the accusations were 'unfounded'.

The league released the following statement:

The National Hockey League announced today that it has completed its independent review of the Patrick Kane matter, the final stage of which included an in-person meeting between Kane and Commissioner Gary Bettman in New York on Monday, March 7.Based on its review, including the determination made by the Erie County District Attorney not to pursue charges, the NHL has concluded that the allegations made against Kane were unfounded. The League considers the matter closed and will have no further comment.

The league announced it would conduct a review in November after it was determined that Kane would not be charged with sexual assault.

It appears this saga has finally come to it's official end.

Images Courtesy of Keystone Press