The redemption story of Micheal Ferland.

A hard personal battle.

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Life as a professional player is not always as easy as some think. You have to travel a lot, be away from your family and all the rest. You make the dough, but you still have to grind everyday to stay at a high level. However, to reach the big show, you have to carry your own weight through the minors and make sure your talent is recognized. Every player has his own story, and some are tougher to hear than others. 

Micheal Ferland's story is one of them. A highly skilled player, he became an alcoholic during his upbringing in the minors. Alcoholism is no walk in the park, but suffering from it while trying to cut it in hockey is another thing altogether. In a long story posted on Sportsnet, he explains how it became a reality and what made him seek redemption and rehabilitation. 

After hurting his knee in Abbotsford the day he was recalled in the Flames big team, he fell into depression and drank his share. Then, he says something clicked. "That month was a hard month. I was depressed and angry. I went on one last little binge and I came in [to the Saddledome] and I was so sick. I woke up one morning and I was so sick of myself. That’s when I went to talk to Bob and [Flames president of hockey operations] Brian Burke.”

He was taken into rehab successfully and started afresh. He fixed some deep-down issues he had buried and now live a happy life with his fiancee and 10 months-old kid. The 24 years old is now a regular in the Calgary organization and improving every year. 

Best of luck to you sir!