The Wild have tried to trade Jason Zucker to 5 different teams.

Wild insider drops a bombshell.

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It has to be a pretty tough time to be veteran forward Jason Zucker of the Minnesota Wild right now.

The 27 year old winger has been a lifelong member of the Minnesota Wild and in fact just signed a 5 year deal a little less than 1 year ago to remain a member of that organization for the foreseeable future. In spite of Zucker's apparent loyalty to the franchise however it seems that the Wild organization itself does not share that same loyalty towards Zucker, at least not since general manager Paul Fenton took charge of the organization. 

There have now been 2 extremely credible reports in the past few months that have indicated that the Wild have in fact done everything in their power to move Zucker out of town. The first such report came when it was revealed that the Calgary Flames and had finalized a deal for Zucker at the National Hockey League's trade deadline that would have seen the Wild acquire Michael Frolik and Sam Bennett for Zucker. By all accounts that was a done deal and for a reason that has never been revealed the trade would not go through before the trade deadline had passed, although reports suggested that Flames general manager Brad Treliving was livid about that fact. 

The failed trade in Calgary has now been followed up by another failed trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins, this time a 4 player deal involving Zucker. This trade would have seen Zucker as well as Minnesota's Viktor Rask moved to the Penguins in exchange for Phil Kessel and Jack Johnson of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and again this was a done deal. This time around however it has been widely reported that it was Kessel who shut down the deal through the use of the trade protection afforded to him by his contract, something that can't possibly be sitting well with Jason Zucker. 

Now it would be bad enough if that were the situation that Zucker is facing, however Minnesota Wild insider Mike Russo is now reporting that Fenton has tried to trade Zucker to at least 3 other NHL organizations. According to Russo Zucker was reportedly offered to the Arizona Coyotes for Christian Dvorak although that offer was rejected and the Coyotes counter with Christian Fischer, a trade that Fenton almost certainly turned down. He also offered him to the Las Vegas Golden Knights in an attempt to get Jonathan Marchessault, although I'm not sure how realistic the odds of that getting done were and last but not least to the Vancouver Canucks for Brock Boeser. The Canucks reportedly openly laughed at that offer and hung up the phone, and frankly I can't blame them.

It seems like Paul Fenton really wants Zucker out of Minnesota.