They're driving to see him play

A long drive for some!

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Austin Czarnik will play his first official NHL game of his life tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

After quickly recovering from a hit from Gudas, and being selected on the official season-opening roster, the 23-year old center expects that huge turnout for him in the stands.

My [Miami] coaches are going to be able to make the [two-hour] trip down, and my family will be able to make the drive, because it’s only about four hours,” he said. This demonstrates the support Czarnik had in his whole hockey career, from both his parents and coaches.

It can only get better from here for him, as with the new faces and energy the Bruins have, they’re expecting great things this year. “We’re just going to take it in, go with the flow, and hopefully come out with some wins,” he added.