Three awful trades to come!

The teams pulling these moves will sorely regret them!

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In this article, we are trying to get to three teams of the National Hockey League in time to stop them from making a trade they will regret. And we are not the only ones. Fans, and NHL insiders are rallying to send a strong message to desperate teams looking to make a monster move that they will - unfortunately- regret. 

Let's start with the Pittsburgh Penguins - who are currently three points out of the last Wild Card spot - the same ones who were said to be going for a three-peat championship for 2018 last summer. Trade chatter have come out that the Pens are looking to move veteran defenseman Kris Letang, but NBC Sports warns them: it would backfire! At this point, any panic move would... 

"The Penguins are having a miserable season and are in danger of missing te playoffs entirely after winning back-to-back Stanley Cups. They lost a ton of depth over the summer, did nothing to replace it, and I can not see them going away without doing something this season to try and correct it. Maybe it won’t involve Kris Letang, but there might be a panic trade coming at some point."

The Montreal Canadiens are in a similar position, though the playoffs truly seem out of reach. The constant rumor of captain Max Pacioretty being on the move is scaring some experts, saying it seems wrong of the Habs to move the one guy who has brought consistent offense to a struggling club. And now is not the time, especially that he is living a career-low at the moment. 

"The Canadiens are in kind of a similar position, only worse," NBC Sports goes on. "They are having a worse season and they might actually end up trading one of their core players in Max Pacioretty. At a time when his value is at an all-time low."

The Ottawa Senators are also entering an sell-out mode, with a couple of exceptions, but Mike Hoffman should be one of them! Graeme Nichols of The Athletic believes the Senators shouldn’t trade him, as he is their best natural scorer, with only 17 NHL players having scored more goals since the 57 he’s tallied since the start of 2014-15. 

Nichols also believes the Senators are mismanaging the winger’s talent by forcing him to play third-line minutes.

"Trading Mike Hoffman now for a consortium of prospects and draft picks, however, is diametrically opposed to the way that the Senators have operated these past few years.

As an organization that operates under ownership’s make-the-playoffs mandate, if the intent for the Senators is to put the most competitive team on the ice, trading the most natural goal scorer for a package unproven assets does not make a ton of sense."

The GMs will most likely say that major trades are needed to move forward. 

But we all know that there is no such thing as no regerts. ;)