Tom Wilson masterfully trolls one of his online haters

Even if you’re not a Tom Wilson fan, you gotta admit this is pretty funny.

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Welcome to Hell, hockey fans. There’s no NHL hockey on the schedule for the foreseeable future and, frankly, who knows if we’ll even have a Stanley Cup champion crowned this season? Oh… and if you wanted to feel any worse about things, just realize that the Stanley Cup Playoffs were scheduled to begin this week. If you’re a golf fan, it was also supposed to be Masters Weekend. Oh… and the March Madness championship game was scheduled for tonight.

For a lot of sports fans, this WAS to be the greatest week of the year. And here we are… no sports anywhere. It’s a desperate situation that calls for desperate measures, but one Pittsburgh Penguins fan might be taking things a bit far.

Check out Penguins fan Kain who chirped Washington Capitals star Tom Wilson online saying, he’d wear a Wilson jersey if it meant having hockey back:

Then what does Wilson do? Just simply “Likes” it. LOL perfect.