Top college prospect admits he considering signing in Boston.

The Hobby Baker award winner will be highly sought after.

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The Boston Bruins will be happy to hear these comments from arguably the top collegiate free agent this summer.

Reporter Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald recently caught up with Hobby Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey to take a  gauge of how he was approaching the offseason, and while Vesey couldn't say too much as he is still officially a Nashville Predator until August 15th, he did admit that Boston was among the candidates to sign him after that date.

“I think the Bruins will definitely be on my list of teams,” said Vesey as per the Boston Heraldas per the Boston Herald.

Many have suspected that Boston would be on the list simply because of Vesey's familiarity with the city after spending his college year's playing for Harvard, but Vesey would not elaborate pointing to his contract with Nashville as a reason for being so tight lipped.

“On August 15 I can start talking to teams, and see what they’re going to say to me,” said Vesey. “Then I think we’ll probably take several days after that to come to a decision."

Vesey says he's looking for the best opportunity to win, and considering that his contract situation is effectively already settled, it makes sense that his priority in free agency would be finding a true competitor. 

“I’ll look at what a team has in terms of NHL roster, and also what it has in the prospect pool,” he said. “I’ll also be looking at the coaches and what style of play is going to fit me the best. The city, definitely. There’s a lot that’s going to go into it. I’m excited about it and I can’t wait to see where I’m going to end up.”

The question now becomes whether or not he will look for a team that can win immediately, or for something more long term.