Toronto's possible trade targets in the JVR deal.

A look at what the Leafs may be looking to get back.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are reportedly now listening to offers on James van Riemsdyk and that has led to a great deal of speculation on both where he could end up and what the Leafs will get in return for moving him. 

As a player with 12 goals and 10 assists in 31 games this season, one who comes with one more year left on his contract at just 27 years of age, you can expect that the ask from the Leafs will be a big one, so here are some of the options the Leafs may be looking at.

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba.

It's been one of the big rumors since prior to the reports this week of the Leafs now officially listening to offers on JVR, and it's no surprise as the deal makes a lot of sense. The Jets have reportedly continued to weight their options even despite signing Trouba, and with his desire to play on the right side, and Toronto's need for such a player, a move to the Leafs could be a great fit.

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Travis Sanheim & a draft pick.

The Flyers likely regret the deal they made to send van Riemsdyk to Toronto and it would be no surprise to see the surging Flyers add a big piece up front as they appear poised to make a push into the playoffs. While Sanheim is still at the prospect stage, he seems no more than a year or two away from being NHL ready, and a defense for the future could be the perfect fit for a Leafs team still in the rebuilding process.

Washington Capitals forward Jakub Vrana

While this could be viewed as a trade that would heavily favor the Leafs, the Capitals have struggled to find the back of the net this year, and the acquisition of a player like JVR could be exactly what they need to be legitimate playoff contenders once again. If that would be enough to get them to part ways with one of their best young prospect remains to be seen however, and while this would be more of a lateral move for the Leafs, it's another one that would allow them to keep their focus on the future rather than the present.