Trade Rumor : Elliotte Friedman talked about the Wings!

“Wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks take a look at him” - Friedman

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As you already know, Elliotte Friedman is one of the top insider around the league. Thomas Vanek's name has been circulating a lot lately. That is no news. But, it's the first time top insider links his name to the Chicago Blackhawks.

As per Elliotte Friedman "Chicago is downplaying its chances of making a move, especially since it's hosting the draft and wants to keep its first-rounder. But the Blackhawks love to win, so opponents think this is stealth. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks take a look at Thomas Vanek. He’s not the fastest but he’s smart. If Detroit chooses to make that move, the Red Wings can always bring him back in the summer."

Thomas Vanek would be a great rental player for the Chicago Blackhawks. Gotta keep one thing in mind though, the Montreal Canadiens tried Vanek a few years ago as a rental player. Don't get me wrong he did great BEFORE the playoffs stretch but nothing during the playoffs. This is why Marc Bergevin did not sign him by the summer and he signed to Minnesota as a UFA. Bergevin dealt Vanek for a 2nd round pick and Sebastian Collberg at that time.

It's a risky move for sure, but he would not cost to much for the Wings to let him go. If the situation happens, and Vanek told many times that he loves playing in Detroit, he might sign back in the summer.

Would you take the risk of letting him go knowing there is a possibility (or not) that he re-sign with the team in the summer?