Trade Rumor: Team reportedly showing interest for Wings defenseman.

Suitable option on the table as Shattenkirk's price seems pretty high!

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Teams Reportedly Showing Interest for Wings Defenseman

As we are closing on the last days that lead us to the trade deadline, few insiders are reporting that Shattenkirk’s price might be too high. Darren Dreger, TSN’s hockey insider, opened an interesting door regarding one Detroit Red Wings player. Already rumored defenseman Brendan Smith could be a suitable option for the New York Rangers as they seem to find the price too high for Shattenkirk.

There is still a terrific amount of interest in Shattenkirk as a rental,Dreger noted. “The Toronto Maple Leafs are a strong suitor for Shattenkirk. I don’t know what the asking price is, but it’s too high for the Maple Leafs. It’s too high for the New York Rangers, who have dabbled a little bit there. It seems like they’re maybe zeroing in on Brendan Smith of the Detroit Red Wings. Tampa Bay obviously we’ve talked about.

Brandon Smith, 28-year-old, has been drafted by the Detroit Red Wings organization on the first round (28th overall) in 2007. The defenseman scored 15 goals and registered 52 assists in 291 in the NHL.

What would be a fair return for Brendan Smith?