Transcript of what Subban and Crosby really said to one another!

Here's what they really said.

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Despite the fact that the conversation between Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Nashville Predators star defenseman P.K. Subban lastedf all about 5 seconds, it's been a hot topic for the past several days. 

By and large it's turned into somewhat of a Listerine meme after P.K. Subban joked that Crosby had commented on his bad breath, but many fans have been curious about what was actually said during that brief interaction.

Thanks to the guys over at Yahoo Sports, we now have an answer, and they have provided a full transcript of what actually went on between the two men, and it's unsurprising to say the least.

Here's the transcript courtesy of Yahoo Sports:

SUBBAN: “Hey, f—k you.”

CROSBY: “Get the f—k outta here.”

SUBBAN: “Hey, f—k you.”

CROSBY: “Hey, get the f—k outta here you f—king idiot.”

As you can see, the two men where just discussing their philosophical differences.