Two more cities ruled out as NHL hub cities!

The list is shrinking.

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There is a lot of chatter when it comes to the National Hockey League and its selection process on where the two hub cities will be located for a potential season resumption later this summer. 

While some believe the decision has been made, only the NHL is releasing the information on which teams are still in the mix. 

On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Dallas Stars were informed that they will not be host to the league’s return to play plan. 

It was reported that the two sides have shortened their original list of 10 hub cities down to six with Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Chicago all still in the mix. It was reported late Monday that night that picks might already been made with Vegas for the Eastern Conference and Vancouver for the Western Conference.

But for now, the league maintains the official decision could come later this week. 

The Edmonton Oilers have recently pushed hard to get the games, making a big push on safety and the player’s experience in their latest proposal. All players can now stay at the JW Marriott across from the arena and are also pitching an”Olympic village” style setup where players and staff can pass the time using golf simulators, basketball courts, movies and other forms of entertainment. Who knows if they still have a chance? 

But for now, Pittsburgh and Dallas are out of luck!