Two NHL players arrested after a brawl in New York City.

Two NHL players in big trouble.

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It seems like two National Hockey League players have landed themselves in some serious hot water.

According to a breaking news report from the New York Post, 2 NHL players have been arrested in connection with a New York City brawl that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning. The two players have since been identified and are A.J. Greer of the Colorado Avalanche and Sonny Milano of the Columbus Blue Jackets, both players are reportedly being charged with assault for their alleged roles in the crime.

According to the Post the two rival players had been frequenting the Chelsea nightclub "1 Oak" prior to the altercation taking place and it seems like the dispute may have been over a bill from thatf very same venue. The brawl however did not take place in the venue but instead in an apartment on W. Houston Street near Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village at about 6:30 a.m. It was there that the two NHL players reportedly got into a brawl with an unidentified 28 year old man this in spite of the fact that the bill had already been paid an hour earlier. Presumably the dispute was over who owed how much although that is purely speculation on my part at this time. 

The two players are being accused of assaulting the man who reportedly suffered injuries to his jaw, ribs, neck and bicep. The full details of those injuries are unknown at this time but the injuries to his jaw and ribs are being described merely as "pain" so I would presume that those two are not serious, although again that is speculative at this time.

Milano and Greer were arrested after the assault on the unidentified man and have been brought to the 6th precinct station in New York for booking. According to sources contacted by the New York Post the two are currently beign charged with assault, although we have no further details on their arrest or what comes next at this time.

This is obviously a huge embarrassment for both players and the organizations they each represent, and I fully expect there will be additional discipline coming from either the league or their respective teams.