Two reasons Canuck fans should keep a close eye on the World Junior Championship.

Canucks have some important prospects at WJC.

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The Vancouver Canucks despite only having two players at the World Junior Championship have a very good reason to tune in to games, even when the home country of Canada isn't featured in the game.

That will largely be due to the fact that Canuck fans will get one of their first chances to see 2016 first round draft choice Olli Juolevi (5th overall) likely getting a big time role on the Finnish defense. Juolevi is undoubtedly the best defensive prospect in Vancouver's system, and with trade rumors surrounding him a few times already this season, fans will want to see what he's really made of.

The Canucks also have Lukas Jesk, their former sixth round draft pick in 2015 (174th overall) who will be playing at the forward position for the Czech Republic. Jesk is further away from the NHL that Juolevi but it's still one more reason for Canuck fans to have an additional reason to tune in to the tournament.