Update of Joffrey Lupul's potential grievance with the Maple Leafs.

Lupul versus the Leafs could get ugly.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs may or may not have a battle on their hands, but we will know the answer very shortly. 

As most of our readers will know, Toronto Maple Leafs veteran Joffrey Lupul went on social media over the week-end and was critical of the fact that the Leafs have kept him on their long-term injured reserve list.

Lupul appears to believe that he is healthy enough to play, while the Leafs on the other hand obviously have no intention of letting him hit the ice, and now some insiders have speculated this could lead to Lupul filing a grievance. 

First, TSN insider Pierre LeBrun has reported that Lupul has the right to get a secondary medical opinion, although LeBrun also reports that Lupul has not opted to do so as of yet. 

TSN insider Darren Dreger has added that if Lupul were to go down that road he would have to do so quickly, as his window for a second opinion only lasts until Thursday at 5 pm.

Most interesting of all however is that TSN insider Bob McKenzie initially reported that there was "no chance" Lupul would file a grievance with the Leafs, howver now McKenzie is saying that "there's always a chance..."

The Leafs may have to face a tough battle off the ice before their season ever begins.