Update on Eddie Olczyk's tough battle with cancer.

Poor guy.

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We have an update on former National Hockey League forward Eddie Olczyk, and as likely should be expected in these cases it's tough to hear what he's been going through. 

Mike Solarte of Spectrum News is reporting that Olczyk has recently undergone a five hour surgery related to his ongoing battle with colon cancer, and while we have heard nothing to suggest that the surgery was anything but succesful, Olczyk still has a long battle ahead of him.

Hall-of-Fame Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley has informed Solarte that Olczyk still has six months of chemotherapy ahead of him and as anyone who has seen a loved one endure chemotherapy knows, it is a grueling process. 

It's sad to hear about everything that Olczyk is going through, but hopefully all the suffering he endures now will allow him to live a long and fulfilling life after he kicks cancer's butt.