USA hockey fan in Russian locker room urinates on NHL player's jersey.

Extremely controversial video making the rounds online.

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There's an extremely controversial video making the rounds online and multiple outlets are reporting it with conflict versions of the story. There are outlets running with this as a legitimate story, while others are calling it a hoax, seemingly with no conclusive evidence on either side.

The video reportedly shows an overweight USA hockey fan in the Russian locker room at the World Championships, and when comparing known footage of the actual locker room, it appears to be the very same. The fan then proceeds to remove his shirt before heading over to the player stalls to grab some stuff.

The fan appears to grab both a skate and jersey belonging to none other than Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk, he then places them on the ground before urinating on both of them, all while his friend appears to attempt to get him to stop the behavior.

The original uploads of this video were removed by the uploader, leading some to believe this was a legitimate and not a hoax, but again there's been nothing conclusive either way.