USA Hockey says demands from the women's team is actually millions of dollars.

USA Hockey is firing back at it's women's team.

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The United States Women's Hockey team has threatened to boycott the upcoming IIHF World Championship if their demands are not met, but today USA Hockey fired back.

According to a report from the CBC, USA Hockey today accused the players of making demands that could exceed a total of $8 million dollars, a truly staggering number if it is indeed accurate.

From the CBC:

In an update posted to its website Friday afternoon, USA Hockey says players' demands would exceed $8 million US total in an Olympic year and $5.7 million in a non-Olympic year, at a rate of $237,000 per player for winning gold at the Olympics and $149,00 per in non-Olympic year.

Keep in mind that these are the numbers provided by USA Hockey in what is turning into a very public negotiation between them and their female players. While the players have not yet officially responded, we think it's likely they will dispute the validity of these numbers.