Very revealing quote about atmosphere in the NHL today.

It's all about ONE guy.

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Today was a bit frantic, as you've probably seen on our very own site. Teams had until 15 o'clock to trade their players before having to reveal their unprotected assets list. Many trades were made in a very short span to better prepare for the expansion draft, but it all revolved around one man. 

As a GM was quoted saying, McPhee is the center of the universe right now. 

We wouldn't be quoting an anonymous GM if it wasn't for this very particular situation. NHL GMs are paid the big bucks to see the future, plan accordingly and make their teams win. With McPhee throwing a wrench in their plans, he indeed the center of the universe today. Is he going to accept picks for a bad contract? Will he accept letting a team keep an unprotected asset against a long term consideration? All is up to this very man. 

As Scott Burnside said, he's the most powerful man in hockey, at least for today. 

The next few days will be pure delight for the fans and McPhee will be at the center of it all. What a crazy period to be alive!