Veteran defenseman come back to NHL for one year contract.

After spending a year in Sweden.

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Every hockey player has his own story to tell and it's not always a smooth ride. For some, a long and fulfilling career will run its course in one team only as others will move a lot and struggle constantly to stay in the NHL. We tend to forget, but this league is the most competitive in the world and it's no picnic to stay there. 

That's precisely the story of Andre Benoit, who spent the last season in Sweden after playing over six years in the NHL. The defenseman is now back in the NHL for a one year deal. 

 His two-way deal might send him to the AHL, but all is not lost for him. After scoring 24 points in 52 games in Sweden, the 33 years old may get a second chance to prove himself in the NHL. The Blue Jackets have a need for depth at the blue line and Benoit may come at the right time in the right place. He previously played for the Senators, Avalanche, Sabres and the Blues.