Veteran defenseman Drew Doughty says NHL rookie is “a pretty dirty player...”

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Making an enemy like Drew Doughty in your first year in the National Hockey League may not be a wise decision, but then again it seems to be working for him.

The Los Angeles Kings veteran was the victim of a pretty nasty elbow from Matthew Tkachuk on Sunday night, one that he says he may need some time to recover from.

"It hurt pretty bad, and it’s going to hurt for a little bit.," said Doughty as per Kings insider Jon Rosen.

Doughty went one step further and straight up called out Tkachuk for his antics on the ice, labeling him a "dirt player." 

“He’s a pretty dirty player, that kid. To be a rookie and play like that is a little surprising."

It is a reputation that has been following Tkachuk around the NHL since he started playing this season, and it doesn't seem like it's one he intends to shake off anytime soon.

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