Veteran reminisces time with Bruins

Still misses his first team

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You can take the Milan Lucic out of the Boston Bruins, but you cannot take the Boston Bruins out of Milan Lucic.

Lucic, according to many fans (myself included), was the perfect Bruin in all ways. His size, strength, hitting power, boxing skills, and his ability to score 20+ goals a season turned him into a force to be feared when he stepped on the ice. Add to that mix his lifting of the Stanley Cup back in 2011 and you’ve got a player every Bruins fan misses, and everyone else hopes was in their team.

He recently spoke with Elliotte Friedman, and says that watching the Bruins on TV is still something strange for him. He goes on to say that even though it’s been two years since he left the spoked-B, it still feels weird for him.