Video of brutal brawl between children at minor hockey tournament in BC

Yikes… with the parents cheering them on!?

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CTV News in British Columbia, Canada is reporting on a disturbing on-ice brawl involving bantam hockey players (14 years old) in Delta, BC.

While tournament organizers have condemned the incident and say there will be consequences for the players and coaches involved, the video clearly shows some of the boys’ parents cheering them on from the stands.

From CTV:

The videos show 13- and 14-year-old players from both the New Western Bruins and Junior Snipers engaging in fisticuffs, with some players hitting their counterparts in the head and even using their hockey sticks to whack one another.
"The footage we've seen and the actions in the rink have been disappointing," said tournament director Ryan Bremner. "I'm more disappointed by the actions of the adults in the facility, condoning, filming and supporting such behaviours."
On Monday, videos of the fight were shared on social media with the caption: "Another great tourney boy (sic) what a way to end the season."

Check out video of the incident at CTV Vancouver:

If you’re wondering why the referees couldn’t get control of the situation, keep in mind that they’re just 15 and 17 years old respectively. 

Again from CTV:

One of the on-ice officials, who asked to remain anonymous, told CTV News the game was already heated before the fight broke out. He said in the last 30 seconds of the game, the brawl suddenly broke out and the coaches didn't appear to stop it.
"Both teams had more than five guys on the ice, goalies were involved, coaches were getting mad at us thinking it was all our fault," the official said.
He said he was concerned by how the on-ice officials were being treated, emphasizing that they're only 17 and 15 years old.
"It's kind of upsetting that no one really helped out and instead, were yelling at us."
Bremner also said it was "troubling" that the coaches didn't appear to break up the fight and instead, seemed to encourage it.
He said the Bruins and Snipers will not be welcomed back at the tournament.

Neither team has commented on the incident.