Vorcaek responds to suspension with one simple, but brutal, comment.

Voracek is clearly not happy.

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The National Hockey League had a tough call to make today on a very controversial hit that occurred on Saturday night during a match up between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Islanders.

The hit was delivered by star forward Jakub Voracek of the Flyers and he delivered it to a seemingly unsuspecting Johnny Boychuk, defenseman for the Islanders, but it was not as cut and dry as many suspensions often appear to be. You see both Voracek and Boychuk were moving towards a loose puck along the end boards, but with Boychuk quickly closing the gap on him Voracek made the decision to throw a reverse hit at Boychuk rather than make a play on the puck. The result was Boychuk taking a hit to the head while neither man was really close to the puck, and for that Voracke received a two game suspension today following a detailed explanation of why they had chosen to suspended Voracek.

There have been some however who have argued that Voracek was merely defending himself from what would have been a questionable hit from Boychuk had he been allowed to deliver it. Granted that most of these points of view have come from the Flyers fan base but a few pundits have voiced their disagreement with today's suspension feeling that Voracek had a right to protect himself from the incoming contact. 

It is certain that Voracek does not agree with the decision handed down by the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety today as his post game comments suggested that he felt he had not even deserved the 5 minute major he was awarded on the play. Keeping that in mind I suppose it should have come as no surprise when the suspension was announced that Voracek quickly responded with a message of his own.

There were no words associated with the message, instead just a single emoji spammed multiple times, but there is no question that the message he intends to send with that tweet has been received loud and clear. Voracek is expressing a sentiment that the Flyers fan base has felt for some time now regarding the treatment of their players at the hands of NHL Player Safety , and he is doing so in a very diplomatic if somewhat obvious way.

The obvious implication here being that the NHL's discipline is a joke.