With the season over Bruin reveals a major injury.

A major source of frustration for Boston may have an answer.

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One major source of frustration for the Bruins, and especially for fans of the team, has been the play, or lack of play from forward David Krejci, and with the season over we may now finally have an answer as to why.

On Monday the Bruins center revealed that he will undergo offseason hip surgery, the same surgery he needed six years ago, in order to correct an injury that has been hindering his performance for the better part of two seasons.

Krejci stated that the injury really bothered him in the final twenty games of the season, but it's clearly been a problem for much longer as he also admitted it was one of the reason he was limited to only 47 games during the 2014-2015 season as well. Despite that Krejci felt he was healthy enough to help the team this season.

"I still felt I was in decent shape to play and help the team."

While overall Krejci had a respectable season, especially under the circumstances, it was clear at times he was limited by the injury, and he says he's looking forward to the surgery that will allow him to come back at 100%.

"Looking forward to getting it done & being the player I can be, with nothing holding me back"