Wow! Bruins insider implies Boston's management are cowards!

Bruins management called out in a huge way.

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A Boston Bruins insider has just slammed the Bruins' management in a major way.

While Jimmy Murphy of WEEI Sports didn't come right out and call Cam Neely and Don Sweeney cowards he certainly implied that they were by pointing out how consistently Bruins management has hid their decision behind major events in the city.

"Not sure why Don Sweeney kept reiterating he wasn't trying to take away from Patriots with timing of Julien firing? No but you hid behind them!"

Murphy wasn't done there, on top of pointing out that the Bruins were hiding behind the Patriots victory parade today, he accused them of hiding behind the Aaron Hernandez verdict when they fired general manager Peter Chiarelli, and hiding behind the 4th of July when they traded Tyler Seguin.

They are poignant and damning comments from Murphy, but they appear to reflect what a lot of fans in Boston are feeling today.