Young player suffers most gruesome facial injury during his last game!

This is quite graphic… the poor guy!

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In playoff hockey, every player wants to go all out. There is no doubt about it. And it’s not just in the NHL - at any level every playoff game is crucial. 

It was even more on Monday when the College Francais team faced the Princeville Titan in the fifth game of the semifinal, as the CF was on the brink of elimination. 

CF forward William Duperron gave his all, and it seems to have included part of his face as the 20-year-old suffered a gruesome face injury during the third period of the contest. 

Duperron was badly cut and lacerated by the blade of a stick from Titan forward Raphaël Gagnon and ended up heading straight to the hospital for repairs.

Here is a picture of his injuries provided by Duperron to the Reflet newspaper

"We feared for his eye on the spot,” the team’s PR representative François Riopel said. “Fortunately, the eye has been touched only slightly and there will be no serious scars. On the other hand, William must receive daily treatments to heal properly. In addition to the eye, he suffers a broken nose and several facial lacerations.”

Gagnon got a major penalty for high sticking, which allowed the CF to score two goals on the power-play and tied the score at 4. However, the Titan came out on top in overtime, eliminating the CF for the series. 

We just hope Duperron heals properly…