Young player who collapsed after leaving the ice Sunday has died from “blunt-impact head trauma.”

Young man has passed away from his injuries.

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A young man has died just moments after stepping off the ice.

Springfield High team captain Nick Bond collapsed shortly after leaving the ice on Sunday and was quickly transported to Einstein Medical Center where doctors performed surgery to relieve pressure on his brain in an attempt to save his life.

Unfortunately the best efforts of the medical staff on hand were not enough to save Nick's life, and on Wednesday it was announced that he had passed away due to what doctors are calling "blunt-impact head trauma." Parents told that they did not see Bond take any blows to the head during the game, and Bond himself had not told anyone that he had taken a hit. 

Obviously any loss of life is always sad, but to see such a promising young man lose his life so early is truly tragic. Our thoughts are with the Bond family this evening.