Breaking: NHL head coach leaves the game after taking a puck to the face.

Hope he's ok.

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This one did not look good.

On Sunday the Calgary Flames were in Glendale,Arizona talking on the Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena and the games went pretty well for them early on. The Flames seemed well on their way to a win a little less than midway through the game with a comfortable 3 - 0 lead in their back pocket, but unfortunately fate has transpired against them. 

What likely should have turned out to be a great Sunday afternoon for the Flames coming off an important victory over the Coyotes is now instead filled with concern regarding the health and safety of Flames head coach Bill Peters. Peters was struck by a puck to the face during the games second period, and although we've heard nothing back from the Flames as of yet he appeared to be in pretty bad shape following the incident. Peters had a large towel draped over his face as he left the bench but appeared to really struggle to walk back to the dressing room even with several members of the Flames training staff around him. 

Unsurprisingly Peters has been missing from the Flames bench since he took the puck to the face and we have learned that he did suffer a cut of some sort. That cut will reportedly require stitches to repair so it sounds like he got caught pretty good, but we don't have anything more specific in regards to his injury at this time. It did catch him square on the jaw however and as everyone who has ever watched a professional fight of any kind knows that chin is know as "the button" for a reason. It caught him pretty flush on the jaw as well as you can clearly see his head snap 90 degrees as soon as he gets struck by that puck. Taking a hard shot to the chin can really stun you temporarily and hopefully that will be the extent of Peters' injuries following this incident. 

Hopefully Peters is going to be alright and will be back out on the Flames bench for the third period, but either way we will be keeping you up to date on this story.

Update: Never mind returning for the third period, Peters is already back on the bench. That's hockey for you.