Gustafsson shares endearing moment with young fans

He certainly had fun during the warm up!

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Some Blackhawks were having a bit of fun during the warm up before Friday's game against the Colorado Avalanche and why not? Things are going pretty well for the Hawks after a win in Dallas. Although the Avalanche are leading by a score of 3-1 as this article is being written there is a lot of hockey left to play and the Blackhawks aren't about to let their high morale be ruined.

Erik Gustafsson was particularly enjoying the mood during the warm up as he shared a few endearing moments with some young Blackhawks' fans before the game. Gustafsson was playing rock paper scissors with a group of kids who were standing beside the glass. The children seemed to have the upper hand! See for yourself:

Earlier he was also sharing a beautiful moment with his daughter and his wife. His daughter was standing right near the glass as Gustafsson was waving at her on the other side. He also tossed a puck over the boards that his wife caught and gifted to their child who was all smiles. 

How cute!

Erik Gustafsson is well-liked by fans in Chicago in no small part because of his great offensive play from the blue line. He had 17 goals and 60 points last season. He is not producing at the same rate this season with 3 goals and 8 points in 22 games, but it is obvious that fans won't hold it against him. Gustafsson seems to have a great relationship with the fans. He is a natural when it comes to socializing with them and appears to take great joy and pride in doing so.

Let's see if the Swede's great energy and positivity will translate into his play tonight. His team could use a boost to overcome the dangerous Colorado Avalanche.