KHL hands most ridiculous suspension in hockey history!

This is simply ridiculous, you won’t believe this!

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This is a hard one to understand from the Kontinental Hockey League… It almost leaves us speechless.

On Monday morning, the KHL announced that Sibir defenseman Jyrki Jokipakka had been suspended two games for slashing. 

The news itself makes sense; we’ve seen plenty of players getting suspended or fined for using their stick in a dangerous manner worthy of a ruling by the league. 


On the play, we can see the aforementioned blue liner chasing his opponent who has the puck and, in a desperate gesture tries to slow him down by slashing him with just one hand on his stick, which ends up at arm's length.

We even wonder if the opponent even felt the blow in question! We believe this move would have gone unnoticed in the NHL by several referees, but the KHL has ruled that Jokipakka will be banned for two contests. Not a fine, a multi-game suspension!

Obviously, there has been a bunch of comments making fun of the KHL and their decision making on this play. And check the video below, you will understand why: