Little brother hits big brother, big brother goes right back after him.

Benn vs Benn.

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Big brother Jordie Benn said there would be no friendships on the ice on Tuesday night, but even as he was getting into it with brother Jamie Benn it looked as if he didn't really mean those words. 

The two Benn brothers clashed on the ice when the Dallas Stars faced off against the Montreal Canadiens although it was little brother Jamie who started the fireworks when he finished his check on Jordie. 

If you look closely at the hit, and the subsequent replay of that hit, you can clearly see Jamie skating away with a huge grin on his face, and that was pretty much the case for Jordie as well when he returned the favor. 

Jordie immediately delivered a check of his own to Jamie, and even added a few extra shoves in there to let little brother know who was boss, although he did so with a big smile on his face as well. 

All in all a very cool moment in the NHL this evening.