Penguins President David Morehouse saves man from violent mob outside PPG Paints Arena.

A true hero.

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It seems like all the news over the last several days has either been rage inducing or depressing in some form or another, but thanks to Pittsburgh Penguins President and CEO David Morehouse we now have a wonderful story to share with you, and hopefully this one will once again give you hope for humanity. 

As many of you of course know there have been violent protests happening in several cities across America over the last several days and unfortunately that has resulted in millions and millions of dollars in damage and has also led to several people getting hurt. One man who could have been seriously injured was KDKA journalist Ian Smith when he was caught and attacked by a violent mob during the protests in Pittsburgh over the weekend, but thankfully for Smith he had a guardian angel in the form of the aforementioned David Morehouse. 

Smith published a picture of himself on social media showing off some cuts and bruises, but he also revealed that things could have been much worse for him if not for the quick thinking of some good samaritans nearby. Here is how Smith describe the attack on his person:

I’m was attacked by protestors downtown by the arena. They stomped and kicked me. I’m bruised and bloody but alive. My camera was destroyed. Another group of protesters pulled me out and saved my life. Thank you!

Well as it turns out it was Mr. Morehouse that emerged from the Highmark Gate along Centre Ave., near the statue of team co-owner Mario Lemieux which was unfortunately vandalized by those same violent protestors in a disgusting act of disrespect against a man that has done so much for the city. Morehouse saw the violent mob stomping on Smith and simply could not stand by and let him be seriously injured, or worse, and instead rushed to his rescue risking his own health and safety to pull Smith out of immediate danger. Smith, who required medical attention, didn't even realize initially who had saved him and it wasn't until KDKA reporter Larry Richer saw a photo of the man who had saved his colleague that they all realized what had happened.

“Knowing David as a Beechview guy, he’s a Pittsburgher,” Mr. Richert said as per The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “It was a very volatile situation. You have a police car on fire. You’ve got all this stuff going on. He had the guts to come out and save him from a potentially very tragic ending.”