Samuel Morin cuts his opponent with a punch, then toys with him.

This guy is one hell of a fighter.

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Samuel Morin was drafted 11th overall in 2013 by the Philadelphia Flyers and was set to become "the next Chris Pronger". At 6"7 and 225 pounds with an offensive touch (32 points in 38 games in QMJHL), fans in Philadelphia had every right to dream about this possibility. 

But now we're forced to admit Morin is likely not the 1st-pairing defenceman the Flyers had in mind when they drafted him. His development has been stagnant over the past couple of years although that is pretty usual for big-bodied blueliner.

We've got to give credit to the kid though, he's one hell of a fighter. Last night he got into a fight with Hershey's captain Garrett Mitchell and toyed with him from the get go.