Scary looking injury in Philadelphia after big hit on Monday night.

He looked like he was knocked out on his feet.

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This one was difficult to watch.

A big hit from Philadelphia flyers forward Ryan White, during Game 3 of the Flyers' first round series against the Washington Capitals, left Washington's Brooks Orpik in a very bad way, seemingly out on his feet.

Orpik has had a long history of concussions, and the look in his eyes suggested he had no idea what was going on, and he wasn't even able to get up to his feet under his own power, needing the help of trainers to get off the ice, and even then it looked like he could barely managed.

NBC's Pierre McGuire made a scary statement as they carried Orpik past him, confirming what the look in Orpik's eyes suggest, he wasn't really there.

"He's not responding to any commands right now."