13 pictures the NHL does not want you to see.

Thirteen images the NHL just wishes would go away.

Published 6 years ago
13 pictures the NHL does not want you to see.

((Thirteen pictures the NHL never wants you to see, and wants you to forget))

Like all sports the National Hockey League has experienced moments of shame brought on to their brand by actions taken by athletes outside of the game itself, and for better or worse, those are the events that tend to stick in the memories of fans for the long-term.

With that in mind we've compiled a list of thirteen photographs the National Hockey League does not want you to see, and if you've seen them before, thirteen pictures they would rather you forget as quickly as possible.


Kicking us off is Sidney Crosby looking a little worse for wear after a few too many.

((Patrick Kane's indiscretions))

Chicago Blackkaws star Patrick Kane living up to his reputation as a party animal.


The infamous Patrick Kane incident in Buffalo.

((Former NHLers in trouble with the law))

Former Stanley Cup Champion Jarret Stoll busted for drug possesion.


Notorious Sean Avery in trouble after throwing objects at a car.

((Trouble with alcohol))

Legend Raymond Bourque's shameful DUI.


Another NHL great Ed Belfour struggling with his own alcohol problems.

((Some more wild partying))

Brad Marchand and former teammate Tyler Seguin gone wild!


Legendary broadcaster Ron MacLean having a little too much fun!

((Even Alex Ovechkin has his momements))

Not Alex Ovechkin's most flattering picture.


Ovechkin bored at the All-Star festivities.

((Last but not least))

The devastating emptiness that are some of the NHL's seemingly failed projects (Arizona)


An empty house for the Carolina Hurricanes