NHL News


Nic Deslauriers flees California in RV to reach Quebec

The Ducks’ enforcer left with his family to leave Orange County before it was too late…


Brad Marchand gets awarded strange titles on Tuesday

Marchand is the ONLY ONE who can pull this off!

TorontoMaple Leafs

Toronto cancels all major events through June 30

​The NHL pause has only just begun…


Blake Wheeler complains about new job during NHL shutdown

​It’s not an easy time for the veteran player…

St. LouisBlues

Blues finally share an update on Jay Bouwmeester

His captain gave a much needed update on his condition


NHL extends players’ self-isolation period

Gary Bettman inches closer to a cancelled season.


McDavid destroys the competition in annual NHL players’ poll

Take a seat, Sid. There's a new “best in show” player in the NHL.