NHL News


NHL releases matchups for playoffs exhibition games!

Wow! Intense rivalries to kick things off!

TorontoMaple Leafs

Matthews reacts to being the only NHLer outed as positive to COVID-19

Thanks to the Toronto Sun, everyone knows he tested positive…

VegasGolden Knights

Marc-Andre Fleury out of playoff tournament?!

What does this all mean for Vegas?!


Caps’ Eller and Hagelin will have to leave the hub city bubble!

Things get more complicated for Washington…


NHL caught in huge controversy over playoffs broadcast!

​Huge accusations against the league…


Nolan Patrick will not join Flyers for playoff run

Another huge blow to this young man’s development. The kid hasn’t played an NHL game in nearly 500 days…


Jonathan Toews takes a controversial stance on COVID-19 pandemic

The Blackhawks’ captain ruffles some feathers with his comments yesterday.