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St. LouisBlues

Blues finally share an update on Jay Bouwmeester

His captain gave a much needed update on his condition


NHL extends players’ self-isolation period

Gary Bettman inches closer to a cancelled season.


McDavid destroys the competition in annual NHL players’ poll

Take a seat, Sid. There's a new “best in show” player in the NHL.


NHL players heap praise on Crosby in annual anonymous players’ poll

Sid the Kid reigns supreme in the eyes of his peers.


Ice officially being removed from NHL arenas

A sign of things to come? Just a matter of time until the season is officially axed?


Sean Avery talks about losing 8 years of sobriety due to quarantine

The man that everyone loves to hate speaks directly to his fans.

TorontoMaple Leafs

Report: Two NHL teams, including Leafs, named as frontrunners for KHL star Barabanov

Another undersized forward... just what the Leafs need.


Tkachuk says teammates who tested positive are “doing well”

Dr. Brady Tkachuk with the medical update we’ve all been waiting for.