Drunk T.J. Oshie steals the show at Tom Wilson’s wedding!

Oh wow!


Tom Wilson got married this summer and of course, he invited a lot of his Washington Capitals’ teammates. However, one stole the show and is getting all of the attention following several posts. T.J. Oshie started trending as he was caught drinking out of a candle holder.

Here’s the story we’re getting from the pictures. Oshie was drinking a Cuba libre, a classic rum and coke, but probably didn’t like the size of the glass offered at the bar. Photos then showed how he was drinking out of one of the candle holders, a better cup for his drinking pace.

On one of the pictures, the candle holder appears to be as tall as a third of Oshie’s body! Check this out, this is hilarious:

Oshie sure knows how to entrain a crowd when there is alcohol involved at a party. After all, he did manage to sip a beer through his Capitals jersey during the Stanley Cup parade a few years ago.

The 2022-23 season starts soon, so Oshie knows the party will end shortly and he'll need to focus on hockey. So keep having for T.J.!